Review by Readers’ Favorite

This novel was selected by Readers’ Favorite, an independent review site. Posted by Vernita Naylor:

“Women, if you are looking for a nail-biting book on the essence of online dating, you must read ConneXions, which takes place in Montreal. Thelma Mariano takes you on a ride of murder and suspense as you look through the eyes of Kyle, a bartender. Ever since Lori left Kyle and their marriage of seven years, he has been on a quest to make women pay. He does this by seeking out other wives who are unfaithful to their husbands. Kyle believes it is his earthly duty to rid the world of these women. Will his plan work? Will he slip up and be found out?

“From the first page of reading, this story had me. I looked at ConneXions as I would eHarmony, Christian Mingle or, which are a few of the popular online dating sites taking over traditional dating. As I watched the lives of Jenny, a successful single woman who needs some spice in her life, and Stephanie, an unhappily married woman, unfold in ConneXions, I began to think about the old adage of ‘the grass is greener on the other side’ that so many people believe, especially when hitting a bumpy road in their relationships. Both these women feel they have met the man of their dreams, someone that can help them overcome their insecurities, feelings of being unloved, loneliness, and the hopelessness that they are experiencing. They crave the attention that Kyle gives them during their intimate encounters.

“Enter Dana, who is working on her thesis about women who are having affairs. She begins her quest by registering on ConneXions. While on the dating site, things take a turn. Will Stephanie, Jenny, and Dana all be a part of Kyle’s plan, or will one of the women be too much of a match for him?”