SeaStruck: 5-star Review by Marilyn Rondeau*

(also reviewed a well-loved classic: The Last Mermaid by Shana Abé)


Very nicely done, definitely a bit of fantasy, but who can really be sure mermaids don’t exist and wouldn’t it be grand if they were real? After all – think about it – even some of the most ancient tomes were written about the mermaids of old!

Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I loved the description of how the mermaids change into two-legged humans and how they live in the ocean. I wanted to cry over the way the sea has become a huge dumping ground and the fish and turtles become caught in the garbage.

The interaction between Tyler and Lura, her grandmother and sister was wonderful and even though some did not get along with others, the closeness of their hearts was beautiful.

Bottom Line:  I loved this story and thought the dialogs were great and at times even funny as Lura became more and more frustrated trying to get pregnant.

Very enjoyable!


* Marilyn Rondeau is a reputable book reviewer (Vine Voice status at Amazon).

Over the last 26 years, she wrote thousands of reviews for Amazon and for an independent review site, Kwips & Kritiques.

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