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It was a real pleasure for me (as editor) to work with William Schreiber on a novel of this caliber. The overwhelmingly positive response from readers reflects my own feelings about the characters and story. Below are my favorite reviews (most of them 5 stars) found on Amazon or Goodreads.Thelma Mariano

  • An Honest Slice of Life

    Where the Crawdads Sing meets Ghost. An honest slice of life, filled with tears of anguish and joy, loss and forgiveness. Estranged by a family secret, siblings Lennie and Johnny navigate the devastation of their father’s death with a bittersweet journey filled with the hope of redemption. But they’re not alone.

    I have to say that this is one of the best stories I’ve ever read. It hits home for me, maybe more than many, because I was given up for adoption. But the story is so much bigger than that. It’s a home run! — Mikko Azul

  • A heartfelt story about love, tenacity, grief and acceptance

    As someone who normally reaches for thrillers, true crime novels, and classic whodunits, I would not consider myself someone who would be leaping for joy over a book about love, loss, soul-finding journeys, and above all family. I was delightfully surprised with this novel. Throughout this book, I found myself agreeing whole-heartedly with two characters that are diametrically opposed at every crossroads. I rooted for them, I loved them, I grieved with them, I laughed with them.

    Ignore what genres you usually reach for, I promise this book will suck you in so fast you realize you’re late for work (a true story). Schreiber reaches all parts of your soul through his well-researched writing and his ability to develop characters so genuine you believe they’ll walk through your door any minute. — DB

  • Captivating!

    I couldn’t put this book down… the author brings the characters to life and makes them so real. Every family has their secrets and challenges and this book shows how a divided family can be brought back together to be stronger than ever with the help of those who passed. I would highly recommend this book. — Donna Stout

  • Southern as Sweet Tea  

    William Schreiber perfectly captures the Southern experience — from Tennessee to Georgia to Florida — in this unique redemption road trip. From the characters’ dialects to the foods they eat to the roads they travel, this Georgia native puts you in the back seat of Lennie’s beloved station wagon for the bumpy ride with her uptight brother John. I’m generally not drawn to supernatural stories, but Schreiber handles the “angels” in this story with a light touch that doesn’t distract from the real-world struggles Lennie and John face as they try to unpack years of emotional baggage.

    Anyone who has ever dealt with family issues — parents, siblings, children — will draw inspiration from this heartfelt story. Highly recommended. — FloridAmazon

  • Delightful

    This was the first book I have read from this author and will definitely not be the last. This author has an amazing grip on imagery and dialogue that made this book a delight to read. In the book, Lennie has lived a life on the run after she suffered a loss in her early adulthood. After her father passes, she returns home and reunites with her brother John and tries to make sense of her loss. They take a road trip that changes everything. There is an immense amount of heart in this book and I feel blessed that I had a chance to read this. — Jennifer Jones

  • Love, Family, and Forgiveness

    I loved this story of Eleanor Grace. Her family’s story woven through different viewpoints was beautiful, and the characters she meets were so memorable. Months after reading the book, I can clearly imagine them all. It was beautifully written! — Jenny Arnold

  • Dysfunctional Family Road Trip to Connection

    I’m a sucker for a good sibling story, and this one does not disappoint. It’s no surprise that both thought Dad favored the other and that neither really knew Dad at all. Lennie and John seem like opposites—the only thing they had in common was basketball—but they manage to complement each other when they give it a chance. Nothing runs smoothly for them even when apparent miracles occur. The ending is satisfying and not cheaply won. — Karen Eisenbrey

  • Right Up My Alley

    This book is contemporary fiction with the sub genre of magical realism…i.e. right up my alley and oh boy, did I love this book! My feelings after reading it… bereft, happy and I absolutely need to see it made into a film!

    The story revolves around the protagonist, Lennie, who is found asleep in her beloved family station wagon (affectionately named Louise) by a local cop. She ran away from home at seventeen after getting pregnant and being forced to give up her baby by her father. Now in her hometown, Mosely, Tennessee, after living a largely nomadic life, Lennie is back to see if she can change her future.

    I adored Lennie. I wanted so much happiness for her and her journey broke my heart. I enjoyed the plot so much and absolutely bawled in a few spots. Honestly, this book made a wreck of me. I feel like a part of me will always carry a little bit of Lennie. I thought Schreiber did a fantastic job writing a female character; she was so tenderly written. — Jeannine Healy

  • Great Read

    I LOVED THIS BOOK! I tend to gravitate towards books that reach inside you and nudges a person’s spirituality, causing us to think outside our norm. Stories that move our emotions, often buried beneath the practicalities and minutiae of daily living.

    This book brought thought-provoking meaning to the words “hope” and “afterlife”, and just enough of a reminder that anything is possible. I rode right beside Lennie as she searched for peace with her past and her deceased father, finding consolation that our treasured gift of spirituality speaks to us in many forms and can give comfort where little else can. — Kay Arthur

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