My Services & Rates

Professional editors offer services for different levels of work.

My services involve assessing and improving your story. Other editors may address another level, e.g. copyediting and/or proofreading. For an overview of Editing Levels and Needs, please see my article.

  • Initial Story Critique
    $150 – based on 1st 25 pages and 2-page summary
    This is my assessment of your premise and basic storylines as well as craftsmanship. I will also make suggestions to improve the effectiveness of your first 25 pages. Whether you are self-publishing or approaching an agent/publisher, these pages are crucial in drawing your reader in.

    I will provide feedback on basic story elements such as pacing and tension as well as character portrayal, and will suggest changes. Since any stylistic problems that appear in these pages are likely to be repeated throughout the manuscript, I will also point these out.

    My report (6-8 single-spaced pages) will be in the form of an overview and detailed comments. This assessment will help strengthen the introduction to your story and should provide insight and guidance on your entire story structure.

    This Initial Story Critique does NOT include manuscript edits.

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My EDITING FEES are based on word count and the level of work required, as determined by a Sample Edit.


    For beginning novelists, I recommend an Initial Story Critique instead (see above). This is because issues that appear in the first 25 pages are likely to affect the entire manuscript. In most cases, more effort is needed in understanding story structure and ensuring that basic elements are in place before submitting a novel for editing.

    Please see article, Is Your Story Ready for a Professional Edit?

    CONTENT & LINE EDITING (includes minor rewriting)
    $.02 to $.03 (2 to 3 cents) per word – get a Quote for your work (see below)

    Story manuscripts usually have content issues that need to be addressed before they undergo line-by-line editing. This option allows for both a developmental (content) edit and line editing to polish your prose.

    Content Editing is done at the chapter and scene level and helps you see the story from the reader’s point of view. I focus on the execution of storytelling components – such as character development (including credibility, motivation, and likeability), plot holes, pacing and creating suspense, showing versus telling, and sequence of events. I also point out head-hopping (inconsistency in point of view) and areas lacking clarity, sensory details or a physical setting. Info dumps are addressed. As well, every chapter needs a compelling start and an ending that hooks the reader.

    These issues are usually addressed one or two chapters at a time. For significant structural changes, the author is asked to make revisions and submit a new version of the chapter for Line Editing.

    Line Editing can only be done once the structural issues in your story have been fixed. The focus here is on improving paragraphs, sentences and words.

    My Line Editing includes streamlining of sentences, revising for clarity, eliminating awkwardness and redundancies, and correcting spelling and grammar. I will also rewrite ineffective passages, sharpen dialogue, and add text where needed to enhance story quality and flow, always maintaining the author’s voice.

    There are no “quick fixes” for this level of detail. My rates are commensurate with the time and effort needed to produce focused, quality writing.

    Get a Quote for Content & Line Editing (for new clients)

    Before sending you a Quote, I must first assess the level of work involved. I offer a FREE Sample Edit on a portion of your writing. This will allow both of us to determine whether we’re a good creative match.

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    Note: A chapter-by-chapter summary or outline of your novel (usually 6-10 pages single-spaced) will be required before Content & Line Editing work begins.

  • CONTENT ASSESSMENT$.01 (1 cent) per word

    This is an Editorial Review for seasoned fiction writers who prefer to do their own Line Editing. Since details are easy to miss, these authors often hire others to copyedit and/or proofread their manuscripts in final stages.

    I will send you a detailed report with my feedback on the elements mentioned under “Content Editing” above and will point out problem areas. I will also suggest solutions and brainstorm additional story ideas with you as needed.

    A LOWER-COST OPTION is getting an assessment of your structural framework by submitting a detailed summary or outline (and short character profiles) instead of the entire manuscript. However, this will not include feedback on the storytelling components of your manuscript or your writing itself. (The content assessment for a 75,000-word manuscript would cost $750; feedback on your structural framework would cost only $100 for an outline and profiles of 10,000 words.)

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  • “Name My Book” Package – $130
    What’s in a book title? A lot! Readers must be attracted to your title as well as your book cover.I will help you brainstorm at least 4 viable book titles in your genre, based on your story content and target audience. I offer the same kind of assistance in conjuring up effective chapter headings or fictitious names for your story.

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If we work together,
I will not only guide you through the editing process,
but will encourage and inspire you every step of the way.

If you have any questions about my Editing process or rates, you can contact me here.