Initial Story Critique

Contact me here and tell me about your project. Include genre and expected word count.

When I reply, I will ask you to email me (as attachments in Microsoft Word, doc or docx format):

  • a 2- or 3-page summary of your book (single-spaced) between 800 and 1,200 words;
  • brief descriptions of your main characters (2-3 paragraphs each will suffice); and
  • the first 20-25 pages of your story (double-spaced) which should run between 5,000 and 7,500 words.

Once I have your information, we need to agree on scheduling. I will then email you an invoice.

After getting your payment, I will send you my assessment within the agreed-upon time frame.

Thanks for considering my services!


Client Feedback

  • Tina Davis comments on assessment of her novel-in-progress, Missing Chords (women’s fiction):

    “Thelma’s Initial Critique was obviously well thought out and thorough. She had some outstanding ideas for the story progression and also did a marvelous job at helping me understand the process required to create a more cohesive storyline. I definitely look forward to working with her again.”

  • E.J. Thomas writes, upon receiving feedback on Awake but Breathless (a romantic medical thriller):

    “Thank you for your time and input. I appreciate all your insights and comments. I believe you have a good grasp of the story and have made suggestions that will polish it and make it better. Your recommended Initial Story Critique was precisely what I needed.”

  • From Kathy Parker, on an Initial Story Critique of her novella, The Dragon Never Dies (women’s fiction):

    “I was very pleased at how timely Thelma was in reviewing my work. Her feedback was in depth and thorough. I believe other writers will find her expertise as helpful as I have.”