Content Assessment

This option is for seasoned fiction writers who prefer to do their own Line Editing.

  • Please email me your genre, total word count (or expected word count), and a short summary of your story (100-150 words), as well as 2 or 3 sentences about each of your primary characters. You can contact me here.

For an assessment of your FULL MANUSCRIPT:

  • If your story interests me, I will invite you to send me 10 to 15 double-spaced pages (roughly 2,500 words) of a chapter located in the mid-section of your book.
    Why mid-book? This is where storylines often sag or run into other problems. It will be easier for me to see what needs to be addressed.

  • Sample Content Assessment: I will send you my feedback on the content issues in your sample so you can see how I work. I will also let you know my availability to start working with you.

  • Payment is made in installments (click here for info)

For an assessment of your STRUCTURAL FRAMEWORK:

  • You would need to submit a detailed outline which can be in bullet form and should be broken down by chapter (10-20 pages single-spaced). As well, character profiles are required (at least 500 words for each of your main protagonists and antagonists).

  • Payment is likely to be in one lump sum due to the smaller amount.


Thanks for considering my services.