Developmental Editing

Text editing is usually done in stages and involves close collaboration between author and editor.

For Developmental Editing, I work on 3 – 6 chapters at a time, with payment required in advance (usually $200).

Why work in sections? Because revisions to story structure and/or character development in the current section are likely to impact later chapters, which you will want to update before sending on to me.

Double-Pass Developmental Editing

After you get my feedback on your chapters, you have the opportunity to re-write this section, based on recommendations, and send me a revised version for review. The cost for this “second pass” edit is always lower than the first pass. I will be able to quote you a rate once the first section of Developmental Editing is complete.

In Developmental Editing, we will likely go back and forth by email to answer questions or brainstorm different solutions to story issues.

Thanks for considering my services.