Complete Storyline Checkup

This option is for seasoned fiction writers who prefer to do their own Line Editing.

It is important for you to complete at least a first draft of your manuscript before requesting this kind of feedback. Your own vision of the story needs to be fully expressed… and quite often, the characters in our stories go in unexpected directions! A first draft can be messy, so make sure you are on fairly solid ground before asking for a Complete Storyline Checkup.

  • Please email me a short description of your novel (a few paragraphs) and genre. Let me know if there are any particular concerns you want addressed. You can contact me here.

  • I will advise on my interest and availability to work on this project with you. Once we agree on the timeframe, I will need to see a 15-30 page summary or outline of your novel (between 3,000 and 15,000 words), broken down by chapter, as well as a description of your main characters (3-4 paragraphs each).

  • I will ask PayPal to invoice you for $290, which is payable in advance.

  • Upon payment, I will work on your submission and get my feedback to you in 2-3 weeks.

  • This is a back-and-forth process. You will be asked for your input on my assessment. Together, we will address the questions and concerns that arise and brainstorm possible solutions.


Thanks for considering my services.