A WARM WELCOME to Indie Authors as well as to those seeking traditional publication.

Have you written a novel or novella? Congratulations!

Now comes the rewrite. How do you make it compelling, with believable and likable characters and a workable plot (and subplots)?

I can help.

I am a multi-published author and freelance DEVELOPMENTAL EDITOR whose edited books have garnered very favorable reviews. I offer an initial story critique or complete storyline checkup and affordable developmental/content editing as well as line editing.

My favorite stories inspire and/or touch the human heart and have characters who fight for what or who they love. I believe good drama makes for a compelling novel, no matter the genre. Being a baby boomer myself, I am partial to “mature” heroes and heroines (40s, 50s, 60s+). I do not currently handle Young Adult (YA) or New Adult (NA) fiction.

I handle most genres found in ADULT WOMEN’S contemporary fiction. My preferences: Women’s Fiction, Family Saga, Mystery/Suspense, Romantic or Psychological Suspense, and Mystic Realism.

I also enjoy working on Light Paranormal/Fantasy. The latter would include fairies, elves, mermaids, unicorns, etc. as well as magical worlds.

I welcome cross-genre fiction with elements of the foregoing.

Novels, novellas and short story collections will all be considered.

(Sorry, I do not work on Erotica, Horror, Dark Paranormal or Dark Fantasy. This means: no demons, black witches, vampires or their ilk. Also no extreme violence or hard-core murder stories.)


Borne on the wings of imagination,
YOUR STORY is an expression of who you are
and what’s important to you.

It deserves to be released into the world …but is it READY?



Learning how to craft a story – especially a novel – is usually a lengthy process.

For FIRST-TIME authors, I suggest joining a writer’s critique group (in person or on line). The feedback you give and receive will help as you continue to develop your writing skills. Workshops or classes can also be useful in learning the basics.

Feel free to contact me if you want guidance on your manuscript. If you ask for my Initial Story Critique, you will see where it works / where it doesn’t and how your story can be improved.

For more experienced writers, please contact me once you have a FINAL DRAFT. I will be happy to work with you on next steps.

My Strengths as an Editor start with clarity and an excellent grasp of character motivation and story structure. I also have an instinctive feel for the right balance of story elements – when to show or tell, pare down or expand, or add sensory detail.

I value your creative vision and will honor it in helping to bring your work to a HIGHER LEVEL.

I look forward to working with you!

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